Thursday, 26 February 2015

I graduated!!

Hi there!!

Just wanted to pop in and share some very exciting news with you!

I have been joining in the fun over on the Kit and Clowder website and am currently enrolled in the Skin & Hair, the Clothing and the All About Animals Technique Classes as well as the brand new Perfecting Pencils class. I finally managed to make the time to complete the Skin & Hair class and have officially graduated!! 

Here is my graduation certificate, which I am totally stoked with!!

My final class images, which I am so proud of!

And my "before" and "after" class images. 

I can't believe the amount of depth I am now able to achieve when I colour and I  couldn't have come this far without the amazing class's and the very talented and supportive Alyce. So, again, thank you so much. I am slowly working through the Clothing Class next and have a bit of a peek in both the Perfecting Pencils and the All About Animals classes. Here are my before images for those classes. 

I can't wait to get the chance to have a "proper" play soon and see the results!!

As always, thank you very much for stopping by and if you are looking for colouring classes, I seriously cannot recommend Alyce and her classes highly enough!!

Happy scrapping!


  1. Those coloured images look amazing! I recently heard about this class and I think I need to check it out 😋

    1. Thank you so much Louise!! I have links to the pages on my sidebar and if you are interested in colouring like Alyce does you should so check them out!! You really should see some of my very early coloured images compared with now!!

  2. Congratulations Mel! Your colouring is wonderful!

  3. Congratulations Mel! Your colouring is wonderful!

  4. So so so proud of you!!! You've done such a gorgeous job and I know you have tried really hard :) Sending you big hugs and thank you so much for the amazing comments and kind words <3

  5. FAN FREAKING TASTIC!!!!!! Huge Congrats !!