Saturday, 2 February 2013

To - Do List Shrinking (SLOWLY!)

Well, last night I headed down to my LSS - Made With Memories - for a crop night and I actually managed to get some LO's done!! Woo-hoo!! I also had the pleasure of meeting a FB friend IRL - the very lovely Trudie :) 

These pages have been mostly put together (mats etc stuck down - awaiting journalling and photos) for quiet a while as they are some of the pages from Master Jacob's first year album (he just turned 3 a couple of weeks ago!!). Oh, and I used the gorgeous range from My Little Yellow Bicycle called Babysaurus which I believe is retired now, so glad I grabbed as much as I did when I did!!

They are very simple and the last month I "completed" needs a little something on the RHS. I have to admit I was feeling very nostalgic while trimming photos and doing journalling - how on earth has it been 3 years already??!

Enough chatting - here is what I did last night :)

Jacob's 4th month 
Two of my all time favourite photo's of Jacob were taken in this month - the 2 big ones, just love them!

Jacob's 5th month
The little onsie's are from Angie's Etsy shop HERE. (And I purchased these long before I was a part of her DT!!)

Jacob's 10th month
The journalling for this one is a little fold out card under the 10 month tag that is there. We had a HUGE month for Jacob's 10th!!

Jacob's 11th month
It needs something on the RHS - I have a heap of the range still of the beautiful Babysaurus range from Little Yellow Bicycle so I'm sure I will find the perfect little thing to add :)

Thanks for stopping by and hopefully will be back with some more photos tomorrow or Monday - having a local PL catch up and hope to also achieve something there - though Trudie and I may have to hide in a corner!!

Have a great Saturday :)


  1. looks great! I have yet to start my kids 1st year scrapbooks! So you are ahead of me! lol

    1. Thanks Megan!
      You have 3 to do though, so that's ok :)

  2. Fantastic pages, Mel! I am so behind in my 12x12 LO's so I can't wait for my pre-order of PL stuff to come so I can try and keep it up weekly! Your pages are very inspiring :)

    1. Thanks Amanda!! Your words are very kind, I really appreciate that you took time out of your day to leave some love!!

    2. Oh man! I just realised my boo boo!! I'm so sorry Sandra, I don't know where my mind was at!!

  3. Great layouts Melinda! How do you juggle your PL with your 12x12 layouts? i'm torn between the two and can't get my head around how to incorporate the them for my boys. Love your PL layouts - very inspiring.

    1. Thanks Susan! Wow - I'm so pleased that I was able to inspire someone! These pages are going into my oldest son's baby album (he is 3 now) so that is ALL traditional LO's. I have yet to work out exactly how I am going to incorporate these into future albums but I will get there!
      Thanks for stopping by :)