Tuesday, 9 December 2014

8th December

Well, today's post is pretty simple, though there are a few photo's ;)

We made a trip to one of our local shopping centre's for our annual visit to Santa and for our photo with the big guy in red. Love this tradition!! Perhaps because I never had the magic ruined for me as a child. Perhaps I'm just that sort of person!! Either way, the magic, wonder and pure joy on my boy's faces when they (yep, they this year!!) see him is priceless!!

I was the photographer for these photo's - one of those, bring your own camera Santa's but that was totally ok by me :)

First up the 1st of 3 pages (well, 1 1/2 whole pages, back, front and back)

I'm a big journaller in case you hadn't noticed that already!! I always get lots of people comment on all my journalling in our PL album. I also talk alot ;) Haha!!

And my big guy with Santa

Let's not forget my littlest little guy!! Look he little he looks on that big chair!

As you can see, I have been busy playing with cameo :D I am not afraid to admit that most of the time, I really love my handwriting. It was something I always wanted to love as a child so I worked on it. I wrote up a sheet of Christmas type words, scanned them and then imported them into my cameo software. Gold foil from Stampin Up - a few playing with settings and I got it ;)

Love how they turned out!

And how our pages sit in our album

On the right you can see the beginnings on what will be our Elf on the Shelf inserts - there will be 3 to be precise. 8 on each page protector. I LOVE the see through pockets!! I will share these as I complete them - I am printing at home and in effort to keep costs not soaring I have been printing 6 2x2 (well, a tiny bit smaller) photo's at a time. Some very simple journalling on the backs of each pocket. I attempted a mini album last year just for Pixie and though it is complete (that's the important thing!!) I am not happy with it and decided it was simply too much to take on at this time of year.

Also, one last photo, I just couldn't help myself!! A me and Santa selfie!!

Like I said, totally LOVE this guy ;)

Hope your December is coming together quickly and easily for you!! Till tomorrow, possibly tonight even as there will be no photo editing happening for today's entry :)



  1. Gorgeous! I love that you're adding your own handwriting... we think and do the same there! :)

  2. How clever to add your own handwriting as an embellishment! Love the Santa selfie.

  3. I don't know if my question came through, so forgive me if you see this twice. I'm wondering where you got the 2x2 12 pocket inserts that fit this album? I've been looking and am unsuccessful. Your album is looking great!

    1. Hi Ann!
      I have actually just used a Simple Stories page protector and used washi tape to tape up the existing holes and punch new ones that line up. Hope that helps!!

  4. Thank you! It looks great, I guess I better hit Amazon to order some tonight!