Wednesday, 10 December 2014

9th December

Hi there!!

I am here sharing our day 9 from our album.

No photos here!! We did our letters to Santa that Jacob had been desperate to get written for a couple of weeks now and we finally made the time yesterday!!

1st up is in a little 4x4 page protector that I washi taped down the side to punch new holes to fit into our album. An embellished title card I guess

And the back

I think I am happy to leave it as is. I am loving that music paper and I wrote all I need to - I think!!

I shared this page with my foundation pages post and the only thing I have added is the star and the 9 :)

Inside the little bag are copies of the letters the boys wrote :) I think I need to attach some pretty paper behind to make them sturdy and also to write a few notes on the back of Jacob's in particular.

The letters :)

I used 2 of the red paper clips from the kit, some of the gorgeous teal glitter tape and heat embossed some tiny chippy letters in gold :) Makes it easy to get the letters in and out of the bag.

How the 4x4 sits in the album

And the 6x8 in the album :)

That's pretty much it for me for today.

I will be honest, I am not feeling it today!! I had a not great day with my big guy yesterday and there was a little man (only 2 years old - like my littlest guy) that went missing yesterday and they very sadly found his body in a nearby lake. I can't imagine what the family is going through and honestly, I can't wait to wrap my arms around those that I love when they get home today. May he find his wings and fly high with the stars xx

I will find something to add in for today, I think a little tribute for little Sam or perhaps something else. It all seems a bit trivial right now. Maybe I need hubby to be photographer and take some candid shots of me with my little people tonight. 

Until I am back tomorrow, stay safe, hug tighter and love unconditionally.



  1. Such a sad story isn't it. What you're doing looks great, even if you're not feeling it. xo

  2. Cute Santa letters.... some days lose their Christmas sparkle :(