Monday, 22 February 2016

December Daily Days 17-21

Hi hi!!

So, I have shared very briefly that our 2015 December Daily album is in fact complete but I haven't yet shared the last half of our album!

I will share days 17-31 here over a few posts, starting with today :)

Straight into it, Day 17

A 6x8 page protector and a 5x7 photo as it was my big boys last day of Pre-Primary!

First, the 6x8

And the 5x7

And the pages as they sit in our album

Onto Day 18 :)

Another 5x7 photo (adhered straight to the back of the other) and another 6x8 page protector

And the 6x8

With a fun shaker pocket sealed up with my awesome Fuse tool. 

Day 18 as it sits in our album

Day 19 

A single 6x8 page

Day 20

Another single page 6x8

Days 19 and 20 as they sit in the album

Day 21

Another single 6x8 page

And that's where I shall leave it tonight!!

Days 22-24 I think next!

Thanks so much for stopping by and happy scrapping!


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  1. Love love LOOOVE those stars & shaker pockets... & the sizes of your photos .... Fabulicious:)!!